To experience life with a Dachshund is like nothing else you will encounter.  You will experience Dachshund love, adorable puppy eyes and so much joy!

As we all differ, we also all differ when it comes to the choice and breed of dog we want in our family.  However, I really do think that everyone can love a Dachshund.

We all have that moment when we stop to admire those unique qualities our dog/s have that makes them so very special to us and owning a Dachshund puppy is like watching your favourite television show, you just cannot stop!!

They are so tiny and with that smooth coat, each beautiful inch of their face is more visible than with any other breed. Small eyes, that tiny little nose and those extraordinary large ears. What a perfect combination equalling cuteness!

When a Dachshund looks at you it’s like that look heads straight to your heart. The way those brown eyes move just melts your heart, even when they destroy your day planner and the new bed you got them you just can’t get mad because of those eyes that just twinkle.

When you talk to your Dachshund, they are sure to hear every word you say, but that does not mean they will listen. With ears like that, you would think the training level would be higher, but they get 3 rd prize for obedience.

Experiencing happiness with them is something you need to experience first-hand to really understand, but let me try and explain it. The moment you call their name in that high-pitched voice as we all call our dogs is that moment their tiny little bum goes starts to move, with their firm tail up and suddenly their whole body starts moving like you just put on the most powerful Tina Turner dance song ever.

Their entire body starts to wiggle from side to side, wagging their tail from, left to right even up and down and all around. The intense Dachshund dance will just make you talk in that high-pitched voice even more and the more as they groove to the tune of your voice.  They lie down on the ground waiting for that long-lost belly rub. Rubbing their belly is not that easy because all this time that long thin body is still jiggling around. The immense joy that these dogs experience when seeing you is unforgettable.

One thing that hurts is the sweet soft cry of that tiny pup staring out the door as you leave the house every day, but one thing is for sure if you return one minute later or four hours later their reaction is always the same.

When they play they go all out even if they are tiny and climbing over your Great Dane is like climbing Table Mountain, then expect them to be the ones to take on that challenge. Hesitant of a squeaky ball the first time they hear it does not mean they will not love it later! Just wait until they learn how to squeak it themselves, then you will be sorry you ever bought that darn thing in the first place. A good Plush toy or even a nice Kong toy will do the trick for those of us away from the house for a couple of hours to keep them entertained and avoid any disasters when you return as they will get bored without any stimulation.

Just a few helpful tips:

Having a puppy is great fun and having a Dachshund puppy is an “out of this world” experience but remember that with all the fun comes all the loving care and commitment you need to give them.

When getting a Dachshund puppy, I recommend buying a lot of training pads, a crate training session and some Simple Solution stain and odour remover as they can be difficult to house train. Every moment will be fun though.

Adding to your Dachshund starter pack, I would add Doggy Steps and don’t recommend you encourage them to sleep or jump up on your bed or couch as this curved back movement is not good for their backs. Yes, they are known for back problems but if you take care of your baby by all means necessary they can be healthy as a fiddle.

With a healthy diet and regulating their weight, you can help them in more ways than one. Dachshunds tend to become obese but in most cases, it is us as their pet parents that cause the issue. Stick to the healthy diet and no table scraps and you are set. Regular outdoors fun to keep them fit and healthy and a very happy little sausage dog.

All we can do is love our pet so love your Dachshund and be happy.