Cats are amazing animals and very intriguing company to have around the house. Keeping your cat happy and healthy is very important.

There are many things that make a difference in your pet’s health, but today the top 3 factors in health care are:

This is the most important part in your cat's well-being. A food that is well balanced with good nutritional value can improve a cats’ health and body strength. Good cat food can help prevent certain diseases in the long run. They need food with high animal proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A cats’ diet should consist of as little as 1-2% of carbohydrates and only moderate amounts of fat. (Acana and Orijen Cat Food)

As we know cats sleep a lot during the day and appear lazy, but when awake need lots of exercises. Activity and playing help decrease the risk of arthritis and joint problems. With this, the risk of obesity can be minimized as well. Make sure your kitten has many toys to play with to keep themselves busy.

Preventative Care 
Keeping up with your vet visits are extremely important for tick & flea and de-worming treatments. Every time you visit your vet they must do a thorough check-up and this helps in early diagnosis of any health problems.

Dental disease is something to watch out for. Vets are able to clean your felines’ teeth but you can do a few things too. Crunchy dental health treats are a great option as they are made to clean the teeth as the cat eats “healthy bites”. There are a wide variety of toothpaste (Pet Dent) and gels (Tropiclean) available at most pet stores to help you keep their mouth clean and fresh. Your cat can live a long happy and healthy life, just make sure you take care of them.